Biographies of Famous Walker's

Name: William Walker

Dates: 1824 to 1860

Field of Fame: Military

Nationality: American

Further Details: Born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, William Walker (1824 - 1860) was a buccaneer and adventurer. He was also a practitioner of medicine, law and journalism. In 1853 he landed a force in the Mexican state of Lower California and declared it an independent republic. However, he later forced to retreat back into US territory. In 1855 he invaded Nicaragua, seized Granada and was elected president, his government then restored slavery. In 1857 he was expelled from Nicaragua and in 1860 he invaded Honduras, taking Trujillo. However, he was captured by the captain of a British Sloop-of-War, and was given over to the Honduran government, who executed him by firing squad.